Media Releases


Fri, 05 Jul 2019 08:32:00 +1000

Just to clarify the pit tickets - the person who booked the pits will have the link from with the link to print the tickets. Not every person in the pit will require a copy, as long as you are listed on the pit booking.


If there are any concerns over locations of pits etc, please seek an official who will point you in the right direction.

All pit areas have the tops of the posts painted in the respective section colour. 

Please abide by the 3m frontage - any encroachment will in turn mean someone is missing their frontage and therefore have no pit space.

THERE IS ONLY ONE CAR PASS PER ENTRANT - this will be strictly adhered to. All additional vehicles must be parked in the general parking area.

Each rider has 3 crew - one for general pit, and ONLY TWO in pit lane. Officials will be monitoring pit lane activity.


Now all the rules are out there, we wish you all a fantastic weekend. Ride safe, and for those that make it to the podiums CONGRATULATIONS. For those that dont, CONGRATULATIONS, you started, competed, maybe finished, but most of all you have been a part of the best desert race in Australia.